Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Mereological Argument Based on Alethic Realism

1. There are true propositions. (Premise)

2. Every true proposition is part of a maximally alethic state of affairs A. (Premise)

3. The contents of A are possibly known by a mind. (Premise)

4. Hence, an omniscient mind possibly exists. (implied by 1 - 3)

5. A possibly existent omniscient mind either has necessary or contingent existence. (Premise)

6. An omniscient mind cannot exist contingently. (Premise)

7. Therefore, a necessary and omniscient mind exists. (From 4 - 6)

I currently accept (6) solely on intuition. I'm sure some argument can be forged for its plausibility, but I wonder if such an argument would be persuasive and (more importantly) sound.

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