Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Ontological Argument Inspired by the W-PSR

1. Possibly, everything that exists has an explanation of its existence, either in the necessity of its own nature or in an external cause. (Premise, W-PSR)

2. An omnipotent being possibly exists. (Premise)

3. An omnipotent being possibly has an explanation of its existence. (From 1 and 2)

4. An omnipotent being cannot be explained by an external cause. (Premise)

5. Hence, an omnipotent being is possibly explained by a necessity of its own nature. (From 1 and 4)

6. Therefore, an omnipotent being exists. (From 5 and S5)


  1. This is the one I was looking for! Wasn't this on your site last fall? Or did you just use it on another blog like Victor Reppert's? Either way, I love this one because it doesn't allow for the common skeptic of the gaps arguments that people use when bringing up quantum.

  2. Glad you approve! I like to repost arguments from time to time, sometimes with revisions. Like you said, though, I'm pretty sure I posted something similar on Reppert's blog.

  3. Come to think of it, Anthony, I'm pretty sure this was the argument I posted on Reppert's blog: