Friday, June 8, 2012

A Bad Pro-Abortion Argument

Disclaimer: This post contains some sexually explicit language.

Some statements are so obviously flawed that many of us just shrug our shoulders and dismiss them, hoping everyone else will see the same logical fallacy.  However, a lot of these statements become snappy one-liners that are presented as a trump card against otherwise well-reasoned positions.  The pro-abortion statement I have in mind is the terse, "if abortion is murder, then blowjobs are cannibalism."

I feel the need to nip this one in the bud so it doesn't become a popular catchphrase for those of the pro-choice persuasion.  First, as a practicing Catholic, I believe all forms of birth control are immoral.  I fully expect my view will be looked upon as extremist.  Fortunately, we can put this aside entirely.  The (obvious) reason blowjobs do not constitute cannibalism is because human life does not begin until conception, which is the fertilization of the sperm and egg.  Since there is no human life prior to this fertilization, then blowjobs cannot possibly constitute murder/cannibalism.  Are they immoral for other reasons?  I'd say so, but that's another discussion entirely.

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