Sunday, June 23, 2013

Future Works to be Published

I'm currently in talks with Abner Publishing to publish an ebook of my text, Faith and Philosophy: An Introduction to Natural Theology.  They should have a definite answer by the end of the month, so I'll be sure to update everyone in case there's any interest in reading.  It's very concise, and my attempt was to take sophisticated arguments for theism and simplify them (without dumbing them down) so the philosophical layperson can understand them and put them into practice.  I also dedicate a chapter to responding to the most common atheistic arguments.  To be blunt, some of them are silly, but I include them because of their pervasiveness.  The only atheistic arguments I take seriously are the arguments from suffering and divine hiddenness, so I respond to these with a bit more vigor.

Next, I'm working on gathering contributors to an anthology entitled, Contemporary Perspectives in Thomism, which I'll be editing and contributing an article of my own ("Karl Popper, Induction and the Teleological Argument").  I'm really looking forward to this work, since it covers much more than natural theology, but also natural law ethics, hylomorphism, an analysis of the transcendentals, and much much more.  We'll only be submitting this book to publishers that will include physical prints (hardcover and or paperback), so prayers are much appreciated!


  1. You could also try self-publishing. You just upload a Word document to an account at, along with a cover. I have a book under a pen name that covers Thomistic philosophy for the layman:

  2. I thought about it, but I figured I wanted my work published by a traditional (or in this case, quasi-traditional) publisher. The contributors of the anthology and I have agreed to nothing less than a traditional publisher. There's nothing wrong with self-publishing, and it can be a decent way to make some money, but it doesn't look great on an academic resume.