Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fifth Way

This is the argument that moved me from agnosticism to theism.  

1. Whatever lacks intelligence and exhibits order and regularity is the result of design. (Premise)

2. The laws of nature exhibit order and regularity. (Premise)

3. Therefore, the laws of nature are the result of design. (From 1 and 2)

Since whatever transcends nature must also be timeless, changeless (since time is a measurement of change), immaterial, unique, and very powerful and intelligent, we have a sound argument for God's existence. Here's why:
Nature, or the universe, is the sum total of all physical space, time, matter, and energy. As a result, the Cosmic Designer must transcend time/change, and materiality. Moreover, the Cosmic Designer must be unique, or one. This is because whatever cannot change cannot exhibit any potentiality, and is therefore Pure Actuality. If there were more than one Pure Actuality, then there would be distinctions between them. Yet, to be distinct from actuality is to be non-actuality, in which case the latter cannot exist. The reason other things exist is because they are composites of actuality and potentiality.
Since there is only one God, it follows that all power and all intelligence is attributable to God. Hence, God is both omnipotent and omniscient. God is also perfectly good, since to only be partially good is to exhibit potentiality, which is impossible for God, who is Pure Actuality.

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